Diego Rafa Huerco

Diego Rafa Huerco is a 24yo Mexicano born and raised in Southern California. Diego is one of those straight guys you hear about that likes ass play and a dildo up his ass. He hasn't told his girlfriend about that yet. To ease his mind, I told him there are a lot of married men that actually have their wives use a strap-on or dildo on them. It's not as uncommon as he thinks.

He's a sexy young man with an 8" cock when fully aroused. When he was born, there was a "bad snip" and he ended up having corrective surgery on his penis. His scrotum is actually attached to his penis just behind the head at the corona. This looks misleading when it comes to his cock length but make no mistake, it's thick!

Diego stands 5'7" weighing 135 lbs and wears a size 10 shoe. He currently works as a Civil Engineer and hopes to become a Foreman in the next 5 years.

He has experimented three times in the past when working part time at an adult store a couple years ago. He was involved in a circle jerk and has had a couple erotic massages. During one of those massage sessions, he did get fucked and that's when he discovered that he likes having something up his ass. Afterwards, he bought himself a dildo and will use it on himself while jerking off.

Does Diego actively date men or seek out sex with them? No. It's my opinion that it comes down to "if the time is right" and that's going to be rare. The girls are all over him and never a shortage of heterosex available. Something that lands him in trouble with his current girlfriend on occasion.

Since Diego does like a dildo up his ass, the real deal doesn't scare him. Just don't ask him to make out, kiss or fuck a guy and he's cool with it. And in our case, the extra cash is just an added "in"centive.

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