Sheldon Broadway

29 Bi Otter boy
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160
Brown eyes and Hair
Cock 9"

Sheldon wasn't raised in the country because he has some style not only in dress but charm as well. He has that sexy Latin charm that will make you weak at the knees. This man enjoys a good dinner with a bottle of fine wine before being taken to bed! Can you imagine receiving a kiss from him...

Yep he is Bi but loves to be fucked hard by a nice cock! He loves that his ass gives him a lot of pleasure in a way that nothing else can satisfy. But when A big set of low hanging balls starts slapping up on his ass when getting fucked, it gives him so much pleasure that he can have an orgasm that is like no other he's ever experienced. Another favorite is when big balls are being draped over his face and chin, the smell of balls can create a euphoric state of mind.

Sheldon is horny all the time and masturbates several times a day, his big cock demands that much attention! He tells us that most of his orgasm isn't so much in cumming but having a total body experience, and that he does! Damn I bet he feels great after one of those orgasms.

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Sheldon Broadway

Sheldon Broadway

30 Apr 2019